Smooth and Silky Skin Through the Seasons

15 Sep , 2014  

What season you’re currently experiencing can have quite an impact on your skin – which means the way you look after it needs to change. But, with a wealth of lotions and potions that constantly clog up our bathroom shelves and the advertisements we’re exposed to, it’s hard to know what we actually need!


So to help you get through the seasons with smooth, silky skin, use some of these tried and tested tips – they’ll keep you looking timeless and your skin looking fresh.

Give your wrinkles a helping hand

A great way to keep you looking visibly younger and to refresh your face is to have an anti-wrinkle treatment. Sounds daunting, but it’s really not – a few small touch ups and you’ll be looking even more vibrant and youthful! The injections work by relaxing the muscles and softening lines, which masks the appearance of common ‘crow’s feet’, ‘worry lines’, ‘surprise lines’ and any other unwanted lines you might have. Practitioners like Dr Joseph Ajaka, found here, have perfected the procedure so there’s minimal risk – and high reward.

Slip, Slop, Slap in Summer

If your skin is feeling a little summertime sadness, keep it protected by using sunscreen. But don’t wait until the peak of summer to slip slop slap, you can actually start applying days/a couple of weeks before you plan to hit the beach. If you apply a little sunscreen each day in the lead up to your family beach adventures, it helps build up your skins resistance to the sun, offering a stronger protection from the harsh raise. A great fact to teach the kids, and to protect their soft, sensitive skin!

Make Sure You Have The Right Winter Moisturizer

What moisturiser suits your summer skin won’t work as well for your winter skin. Your skin will need protecting from the harsh winter chill (which can dry it out quick-smart!), so you should aim for an oil-based moisturiser. If you’ve got a water-based one, go on the hunt for some that are based on avocado, mineral or primrose oil, as they won’t become trapped in your facial pores like other butter-based moisturisers can. You want fresh, not greasy!

Shave Right In Spring

The start of Spring is around the time we start baring our hairy winter legs and realise the inevitable – regular shaving must start once again. Shaving can be quite damaging to your skin if it’s not protected properly. Before you attack the hair with a razor, exfoliate all the dead skin cells with a soothing scrub. Post-shave, lather your legs in a supple moisturizer – this prevents the chance of a rash appearing, or any skin irritations.

Skincare through the seasons doesn’t have to be difficult – but in order to keep your skin smooth and silky, you do have to treat it right! What works in summer doesn’t necessarily work in winter, but by being skin-smart you’ll be looking fresh and radiant all year long.

What are some of your favourite ways to keep your skin looking great through the different seasons?

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