Tooth Removal: The next steps

19 May , 2016  

Having your teeth removed is no longer the barbaric process, that would be performed by a barber in former times. Once you have had the process, the next steps are managing your mouth, so that there is little pain and you minimise the healing time. Today we will talk about some of the ways to manage your mouth in the days following tooth extraction.


It is important to only eat things that are not likely to upset the affected areas, for example it is a good idea to avoid crunchy or tough foods and consume softer foods like yogurt. These require little or no chewing and will ensure that unnecessary pain is not caused. Try to also avoid things that are acidic, very sweet, very hot or very cold, as these may aggravate the mouth.


You should avoid alcoholic and acidic drinks until your mouth has fully healed. It is best to just drink water in the days following an extraction. Dentists may also recommend a salt water rinse to help keep the site of the extraction clean and it can assist in the healing process. Drinking water is also important for helping the body stay hydrated and to heal faster.

Brushing your teeth

Brushing gently is very important, particularly to ensure that you do not reopen any wounds or aggravate the site of the extraction. You need to be diligent and patient with brushing during this time.


Normally you will be prescribed a course of antibiotics following tooth extraction to prevent any infection from occurring. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that you finish the antibiotics. Generally painkillers are also prescribed and are a great way to ensure that pain and discomfort is minimised, but be aware of any side effects and do not attempt to operate machinery or drive a car when taking this kind of medication.


Smoking too soon after tooth extraction may cause irritation of the mouth, it is best to wait at least a week before you attempt to smoke again, but in reality you should wait until the mouth is fully healed before smoking again.

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