You can count on the 5:2 diet!

29 Jun , 2014  

One of the most popular diets out there right now is the 5:2 diet, I personally think it’s fantastic and very easy to stick to. I was first introduced to the 5:2 diet when I recently read an article on Punch Supplements, the article explained everything so clearly it made me want to share the information with everyone here. The diet gets its name because it is related to the 7 days of the week; for 5 days you eat as normal and for 2 days you fast, don’t worry it’s not a full blown fast but you pay careful attention to what you eat.


The Figures

Like I said above, the fasting that you must do for two days is not a time when you only drink water because the idea is to keep your calorie intake below 500 calories for women and 600 for men. On average, in American and European countries, the average daily intake of calories is 2000. Essentially what we are trying to do is reduce our intake to 25% for two of the fasting days, trust me when I say that this is quite easy to do. If you start your day off with a boiled egg then that will only be 80 calories! If you need to have a snack in-between your meals then a banana is a great idea – 100 calories. What has really helped me is dividing the calories up between each daily meals; breakfast is 150, lunch 100, dinner 200 and then I can use the extra to eat snacks at various points in the day.

The Benefits

One of the best things about this diet is the way that it positively impacts on the bodies IGF-1 hormone, this is the growth hormone that cause ageing. It makes the hormone work more on repair rather than just growth, this means that your body is both healing and growing at the sometime. The obvious benefit is that you will lose weight, most of us do not lead active lives and it is therefore very difficult to burn off the required calories each day. You will find yourself eating foods that are higher in nutrients on your fasting days whereas usually we would ignore such nutritious food.

If any of you had tried the 5:2 diet then it would be fantastic if you can share your experiences with everyone, all you have to do is put your opinions below in the comment box. I always love it when everyone gets together and can advise others before they start a new diet plan. I can honestly say that I feel great after just 4 weeks and I would recommend it to everyone out there.

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